About Us

Who We Are…

Rochester Tea Party Patriots is an educational organization. We sponsor programs on health care, the federal deficit, Candidate Forums and our economy. We do not endorse candidates. We do invite voters to get informed, be involved with campaigns and then VOTE for candidates who uphold our values.


Our Core Principles…

Personal Freedom

We support policies that protect and defend personal freedom and individual rights, and the ability to pursue the American Dream without government intrusion. We also support policies that will reclaim those freedoms and rights that have been eroded through intrusive policies of unaccountable politicians and Washington bureaucrats, many of whom answer to special interests and lobbyists rather than their electorate. We believe that our freedom is America’s greatest strength, and that any policy or action that restricts or erodes that strength is detrimental to the potential and growth of our country.

Economic Freedom

We stand for economic freedom – a growing economy with reduced tax rates and reduced government. This means a chance to earn more money and businesses that can hire more people. We support policies that allow you to keep more of your own money to do with as you see fit. We also encourage policies that will enable opportunities to provide stable jobs or create and grow businesses. Likewise, we support policies that will present the best chances for the United States to grow and maintain its position as the world leader for economic opportunity.

Debt-Free Future

We support a debt-free future because it is only fair and right to pay the debt we have incurred so our children and grandchildren are not stuck with our bills. When the government speaks about “raising the debt ceiling,” they are simply saying they need to borrow more money they won’t ever pay back. Continually increasing the debt of the United States puts an undue and unfair burden on future generations of Americans. It is fair and just to unburden our children from the national debt.